The book 1000 Minds to the Past is an author’s project, which works with the physicality of the book and transforms it into a separate object in addition to its content value. The above standard proportions of the book (22 x 30,5cm) and its weight (7 kg) emphasize the incomprehensibility of the absurd, which obscures the convenience of the reading functionality.

The content of the book encomprises of 1000 cartoon heads/views, which are uniform in the context of the project, their diversity in the past is captured by a slightly different tensile design. The move develops along the story line, it becomes more mature and complex, and each head has a more consistent form at the end of the book. 


The book signatures were bound from original papers containing manually crafted illustrations with each of the head being dedicated a separate page of 100gm paper. From this reason, the book was published in the circulation of a single issue. The purity of the white material contrasts with the author’s “dirty” move of the marker, which is supposed to strengthen the authenticity of the expression.