The Consumable Tree book follows a phenomenon that emerges every year on the streets of a city. After a new year’s eve, used Christmas tress are emerging next to the bins, which in this context are understood as consumer goods. The sacral atmosphere of Christmas begins to dissaper with thrown out trees and what emerges is an image deprived of an emotional charge in which Christmas is “soaked up in”. By looking at these trees, a social ritual emerges, which seems absurd without the preceding events.


Finished book is wrapped in net that is used to wrap Christmas trees. Photos of disposed Christmas trees are accompanied by Christmas carols and they have same metaphorical meaning as trees itself. In every carol the word tree is strike troughed to illustrate that tree as a strong symbol of this holiday. Removing the word tree enhances the gesture of removing trees from home and thus loosing Christmas atmosphere.


Book was created to look organic in order to underline connection with the nature. Book cover is made up by rough book board. Photo and carol is printed on the board using UV printing and then later on laser was used to engrave strike through on the word tree. Yellow color for book cover type was chosen for its non-suggestive connection to Christmas. Flyleaf and sewing thread is the same bright yellow color. Book consists of 56 pages that are printed on recycled paper SH Recycling 140 g/m². Paper by its own process of recycle connects formal part of the book to its content part - disposed trees. By using this kind of paper quality of printing become unpredictable and brought sense of randomness into book. Format of the book was set to A4.


Limited series of postcards are included with the book.