Book series OKRESKY documents the most beautiful roads at home, and abroad. Five days, over 1500 km, more than 300 pages and almost one kilogram of pictures from the best roads around the Europe. 

The book of 20 x 25 cm(fit into castle in the car) in sewn binding includes except photographs also text inserts that accompany the reader in every chapter and offer him a narrative. Book chapters are divided into five days in a systematic layout. Other two chapters are more relaxed and playful.



To draw the reader into the story of the road trip, the typical page numbering was exchanged for orientation in kilometers, that follows photographs with their location. This system helps to get the clear overview of the actual kilometers taken from the whole trip.

Czech republic

Papers that emphasize the color style of the author of photographs have been used. These support the color style of the author. The book includes two types of paper. Munken Pure for the cover and in text block is perfect for emphasizing the need of soft yellowing and washed effect. Paper Crush Citrus (alt. Keaykolour) with its newspaper feel is accompanying documentary of more relaxed design chapters, such as Backstage. 

The range of fonts for this project is wide. It primarily works with two main fonts, Prophet and Franklin Gothic. The Prophet font is also a major element in building the brand OKRESKY. 

Each book includes a map (70x36 cm) of the entire road trip with marked stops of interest, that are mentioned in the book.

Slovak republic

The final chapter Backstage documents the road trip from a more relaxed point of view, from the “other side”.  That´s the reason behind book´s upside down orientation (steering wheel rotation gesture) where the reader flips the pages from left to right, so the opposite direction than usually. 


The limited edition of the book includes a few polygraphic improvements. The main change is the hardcover compared to the previous paperback edition. Hardcover is covered in model asphalt together with black printed book clipping. The name is made by road paint. The intention behind the book cover of this limited edition was to get closer to the roads, where the stories take place. Illustrations from the original paperback edition were incorporated into the book of new limited edition. Each chapter contains transparent foil that is bound into a text block with different additional information about the road. Limited edition comprises from ten pieces of book edition Slovakia.


Continuity of this book project will follow on another European roads.