The catalog documenting the art of Lucia Oleňova’s exhibition entitled “Rediscovered Landscape“ emerges from the same concept that Lucia followed in creating her works.

The central focal point of the design is the layout and the subsequent reassembly. The observer/reader thus chooses the path to the image he likes and, without a particular sequence, establishes his movement in the gallery. The goal of this separation is to support the expansive organic form of nature.

The application of real sand and canvas to the design exceeds into the sphere, which remains taboo for the gallery visitor. It is a particular direct contact with art and its authentic prototype. Therefore every single catalog is original.

We applied the actual crushed charcoal to the partial varnish of the charcoal photograph. Thus, black smudges remain on the reader’s fingers once touching the book cover. Our aim was to support the authenticity of his experience in contact with the book.