Art Performance. In December 2022 Slovak National Gallery reopened after more than 20 years, so we couldn't wait for the opening!

General  curiosity grew with the gradual delay of the opening of the gallery year by year. The planned opening year was finally established to 2022. The first look of a leading public institution was extremely important for us, so we did not leave anything to chance and were the first at the opening. We ensured a unique artistic experience by waiting outside the gallery for 30 hours before the opening.

The very act of waiting outside the gallery refers to the phenomenon of people who are willing to spend hours, even days, standing in line for the latest smartphone, sneakers, or other consumer goods. We wanted to confirm the fact that cultural society should not fall behind consumer society in its enthusiasm with an act that represents our sincere interest in art.


Thanks to all the friends who come to see us and bring us tea. And yes, we have been officially first visitors of reopened Slovak National Gallery.


Participations: Lukáš Procházka, Andrea Tušimová