Exactly 55 years AMG has been bringing drivers unique experiences on race circuits, roads and off-roads. On this occasion, OKRESKY joined forces with Motor-Car Bratislava and the result is another edition of the popular travel guide.

The book "OKRESKY - The Way Home" continues on the concept of the OKRESKY book series

This special edition will take you on a 1,594 kilometer road trip through Austrian and German districts roads starting in Bratislava. Through picturesque valleys, under Alpine peaks, but also through the legendary Black Forest B500, the book will show you the best driving routes that will lead you to Affalterbach, the home of the "Fastest Family in the World". This time supplemented with Augmented reality and QR codes with GPS navigation.

Selected pages in this book are enhanced with unique audiovisual content of Augmented reality. Exclusive bonus material gives the book a new dimension and conveys vivid moments directly to your mobile or tablet. Listen to the sounds of nature, eight-cylinder and twelve-cylinder engines or get to know what an electric AMG sounds like. See more in attached video (sound included).

The book contains the same technical and graphic elements as the previous editions of the > OKRESKY book series