Magazine OKRESKY Fully charged is based on book template  > OKRESKY.

On 200 pages of the magazine that measures 23 x 29,5 cm, the travel adventure takes place in seven chapters. Each chapter, the same as the book, is divided into individual days.

The intention was to emphasize the efficiency of the Porsche electric car. For this reason, the magazine incorporates graphic elements that help in the orientation of the kilometers traveled and the condition of the battery, the indicator of which decreases with the distance traveled.

The magazine contains texts in Slovak and English language. Its layout based on the book is more relaxed and works more with text.

The magazine is printed on Munken Kristal paper. On its pure white background, seven colors that are based on a real color of the main character, the electric model Porsche Taycan, can stand out.

The cover is illustrated in the same way as the book, and a partial varnish is embedded in its details.